Lives Intertwined

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Lives Intertwined follows the use of DNA analysis in the hunt for a serial killer. However, the results reveal far more than what was intended and has ripple effects across two continents and multiple lives.

The old man wasn’t always old. He was barely 18 when he was drafted and sent to fight for his country. After a decade in an army at war, his instincts were finely tuned. Kill or be killed. But instincts don’t fade just because the war ends or even because you grow old.

Ashley England is a DNA analyst tasked with identifying the serial killer known only as the Vigilante Virginian. Using a combination of forensic genealogy and sheer determination, she is dead set on ending his reign of vengeance. When her investigation reveals far more than what was expected, the effects ripple across two continents and multiple lives.

From the long-ago battlefields in Vietnam to the modern-day laboratories of the California Bureau of Investigation, Lives Intertwined weaves an emotional family saga with a murder mystery that is better left unsolved.


Winner of the Firebird Book Award for Military Fiction (1st Place) (April 2023)
Winner of the Firebird Book Award for Crime Fiction (2nd Place) (April 2023)

Literary Reviews:

Reedsy Review by Sam Waite

"“Depictions of the effects of war on individuals is haunting and told not only with human empathy but also with scientific accuracy.”"