Vietnam 1954: Sixteen-year-old Chi Anh Ong found herself pregnant by a foreign soldier. Forced to give up her baby, abandoned by her lover, and betrayed by her father, Chi joined the Viet Cong and channeled a lifetime of resentment and anger into killing American soldiers. Decades later and now living in America, the secrets of her past threaten to destroy her future.

Chi’s daughter, Linh, had no memory of her mother. As a child, she lived on the streets of war-torn Vietnam. As a teenager, she turned to prostitution to survive. After meeting an American soldier and falling in love, Linh dreams of a better life. But is she destined to repeat her mother’s tumultuous history?

Spanning generations and continents, Darkness and Light tells the story of soldiers and civilians brought together and torn apart by war or circumstance and the struggles and successes they encounter as they each pursue their own American dream.