The Agent Orange Trilogy

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Time Intertwined weaves neglected aspects of the Vietnam War into solving a modern-day genealogical mystery.

“A heart-wrenching but deeply satisfying read that takes us into the characters’ world to see and feel the human cost of a terrible war.” Lorraine Cobcroft,

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award for Historical Fiction (April 2023)

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Lives Intertwined follows the use of DNA analysis in the hunt for a serial killer. However, the results reveal far more than what was intended and has ripple effects across two continents and multiple lives.

Depictions of the effects of war on individuals is haunting and told not only with human empathy but also with scientific accuracy.” Sam Waite,

Winner of the Firebird Book Award for Military Fiction (1st Place) and Crime Fiction (2nd Place) (April 2023)

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Linh was abandoned as an infant and grew up an orphan on the streets of Vietnam. Darkness and Light Intertwined is the story of not just secrets and survival but of finding light after the darkest of times.

“Distinctively captures the pain and suffering of war while weaving the tale of families who discover that decades later the war still looms for them in ways they never expected.” Amazon customer.

All three books in the Agent Orange Trilogy provide a different perspective of the American war in Vietnam. These historical fiction mystery novels ultimately reveal the heavy toll of this conflict—from the orphans left behind, to the long-term effects of the war on both soldiers and civilians, and the devastating legacy of Agent Orange.